I’ve known Meredith for ten years in several capacities:  as a friend, client, colleague, and coach.  And I’ve been either single, dating, or in unhappy relationships most of that time.  She’s helped me by looking at my relationship past and patterns, confronted what was hard to look at in a supportive way, and created a future reality that I didn’t think was possible.  She is also an inspiring example of what a loving partnership is, so she definitely practices what she preaches.  With Meredith’s ongoing support and coaching, I am currently in a loving long-term relationship, which is headed towards a lifetime commitment filled with love, open communication, and partnership

J. Kaye

Feng Shui Consultant and Special Education Teacher

With Meredith’s coaching, she got me through a rough spot in my marriage, when my hubby and I were contemplating divorce.  Currently we are happily married, 14 years, with two children. She also coached me to help get past my fears, that had me frozen for 4 years, and start the non-profit of my dreams, fulfilling on my self-expression and aspirations.

C. Sylvester

Director of Zootopia

Meredith is a puissant and effective coach with the ability to bring focus and clarity to complex and demanding tasks.  Her common sense and practical advice seasoned with a liberal dose of good humor and compassion make her a first class professional personal advocate.

D. Ellis


Meredith is a coach you need to call if you’re stuck, confused, can’t seem to overcome your own resistance or want to reach goals but you need someone in your corner to champion you to accomplishing what you want!  Meredith is who I’m calling for my next chapter and I hope you reach for the phone too!  I highly recommend Meredith to get into action!

R. Ford

Project Manager

Meredith O’Brien Canaan is the most kind and firm coach I have ever worked with.  Through her coaching, I was able to change my attitude about myself and others in my life.  I am also much more clear on how to establish boundaries with people, which is something I had never done in the past.  Through Meredith’s exercises and sound advice, you can have a breakthrough in any area of your life that isn’t performing well!

M. Pettingale


I started working with Meredith at a particularly difficult point in my life and not only did she help me through that era, she set me on a path to taking more control of my life in general. The way we broke down issues into bite sized chunks and looked at the pros and cons of almost every situation ( no matter how irreconcilable/chaotic/entrenched I thought it to be) has stayed with me. They are now tools I use on a near daily basis.

And guess what?           

…I’m happier !

M. Cray

Director of Photography

I have been blessed to have Meredith as a personal and professional coach for over 3 years.  Meredith is by far the most insightful, powerful, and results oriented coach I have ever worked with and I have worked with over 10 different coaches over my career.  I have been able to produce unprecedented results in both my personal and professional life as a result of our professional association.  The moment I agreed to start working with her the results began.  I am a financial adviser and 1 month after Meredith and I agreed to work together I was able to reach one of the major milestone goals I had set for myself.  She also helped me distinguish a context that I held which was preventing me from reaching my goals.  Meredith is compassionate, trustworthy, caring and powerful.  She is a brilliant listener and gives the best coaching one could hope to receive.  She is worth every penny she charges and more!

J. Morris

Employment Services

Canaan Coaching helped me produce a better me in regards to my career.  Meredith came with an invigorated passion for what I do and what I can bring to the table.  She not only helped to cultivate my value and ability but also expanded my resources and my opportunities.  She opened up new avenues to where I could take my career but then also drew great focus and attention to each option and helped me create the steps and goals to achieve each one.  I highly doubt you will be able to find a better career coach in Los Angeles.

T. Jones


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