I’m SO Happy to Meet you and connect as a Joint Venture Partner here in San Diego!


Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Empathy, Curiosity, and Direct Communication

Mission: Creating loving parents, to raise generations of loving and accepting adults


Phone: 818-276-MOM2 (6662)


Meredith O’Brien Canaan


Free Offer: 3 webinars

Moms Relationship Transformation  $197 – $397

Commission: 30% – 40%

Free Offer: 10 Interviews

The Ultimate Moms Summit $97 and after Summit $197

Commission: 50%

Free Offer: Moms’ Me Time Session – Intro

Single session:  $175 – $125 Packages: $400  to $1500  for  12 sessions

Commission: 25% – 30%

*** Email subscriber list size: 3000 plus

*** Social media reach:

1800 on Facebook for Moms’ Relationship Support Network

850 on Facebook for The Mommies Game

*** What I’m looking for in a JV partner: Cross promotions, Interviews, Affiliate Commissions on products for parents, women, and children

*** Ways I can promote you in return:

I can do interviews regarding your upcoming offers, I can send emails, and have ads on my blog

*** Interests of my subscribers: Self Care, Conscious Parenting, Home organization, Behavioral experts, Marriage & relationship experts, Mindfulness

This is for Registered Charities

In the US 501C3 Charities & Registered Charities World wide

As An affiliated Charity you will get exposure as an “In Game Donation Opportunity which is a 50/50 split donation”

You will also have the ability to have people participate, volunteer, and earn experience points on missions you need help with.

This is in early planning stages for a launch in 6 months or so.