Program Delivery

Are you struggling with integrating and setting up systems for your Programs?

Program Delivery

If you are looking for help designing, and creating the delivery systems to get your online programs set up.

If you are getting started and you are overwhelmed, and are looking for systems that can be automated

How do these programs have great communities that are engaged, I can help you set up these communities

I can help you choose the delivery systems for all the aspects of your program, and how to integrate them all

Why I am the right person for your Program Delivery Services

I have been a Program Development,  Delivery, and  Content Manager for the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network, since 2017, and have worked on three of their signature programs.  I also hold the same position for the Bright & Quirky IdeaLab community which solely focuses on the 2 e community.

Program Delivery Consultation & Coaching:

  • Strategic and future thinking and planning on the programs entirety and integrations
  • Online Marketing, integrations and strategies to help enroll and capture more leads / students for the program or memberships
  • Engagement Strategies for Students across the globe – how to create community with each group or program
  • Suggest updates, and upgrades to automate processes to provide efficiency and profitability

Program Delivery & Content Management services provided:

  • Creating systems and spreadsheets for materials used in classes, Google docs, Google Sheets, Forms – all set to proper sharing settings, add to Student Portal or member Pages
  • Managing Video Content on Vimeo, so that visuals, thumbnails are chosen well, the share settings are set properly (private & embeddable) on or into the Student Portal
  • Suggestions for other Portal integrations as the program grows, more profitably to have a higher-end look and feel
  • Adding Content such as videos or blogs to WordPress site
  • Managing content into multi-forms and platforms for cognitive diverse consumption – audio files pulled from Videos, and stored in Amazon Web services or Google Drive, and getting audio or video files transcribed reasonably priced (added expense for service like example $6.50 for a 65 minute audio file)
  • Co-hosting on zoom to help facilitate break out rooms for students in smaller working groups, and large groups for appropriate classes