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After a mere three months working with Meredith on my business, I was able to increase my consulting rate, have clients pre-pay for my services, and have me provide a higher level of client service in one fell swoop. Thanks to her, I started off 2019 with over $20,000 in new and up-front income. Her expert advice, fun and playful way of communication, and genuine desire to see me grow and succeed make her an exceptional coach. Our next project is already in progress, planning to grow my business to the next level. I recommend her unconditionally!

Dave Sylvester

Meredith is my AWESOME coach. She is helping me change the lives of parents with babies 0-2. She has been with me every step of the way. Putting into words and action, my mission to provide science informed tools and information for parenting with Joy! She has helped me to understand that my way of being is the only place from which to inspire parents to get the help they need to understand their parenting goals, develop a parenting philosophy that is right for them, and get into alignment with that philosophy in their day to day parenting decisions. Meredith, I can’t thank you enough for standing by me. For believing in me. For your strong and exuberant guidance, and for making my journey to success and abundance a lot more fun! Love you!

Shira Coleman

Founder, Playbies

Meredith is so much more than just a coach. She is a life-manifestation co-creation partner for her clients, listening with an open heart to our dreams, visions and life goals. Meredith knows that truly transformative action has to come from an inner place of integrity that each of us has to find for ourselves. Meredith “goes there” with me and helps me find that unique sparkly core of being that is my deepest, highest healed self. Only once she has helped me center and root in that inner sacred space do we get to work on putting together an action plan, to-do lists, and so forth. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has helped me more than triple my annual salary, navigate some tricky relationship issues, and is helping me discover the woman of my dreams! Whether it’s parenting, relationship work, career development or starting your own business, Meredith is an expert coach, teacher, mentor and life-manifestation collaborator. Give her a try. You’ll be glad you did!!!

Gavriel M. Levi

Storyteller, Security Shaman

I have been blessed to have Meredith as a personal and professional coach for over 3 years.  Meredith is by far the most insightful, powerful, and results oriented coach I have ever worked with and I have worked with over 10 different coaches over my career.  I have been able to produce unprecedented results in both my personal and professional life as a result of our professional association.  The moment I agreed to start working with her the results began.  I am a financial adviser and 1 month after Meredith and I agreed to work together I was able to reach one of the major milestone goals I had set for myself.  She also helped me distinguish a context that I held which was preventing me from reaching my goals.  Meredith is compassionate, trustworthy, caring and powerful.  She is a brilliant listener and gives the best coaching one could hope to receive.  She is worth every penny she charges and more!

J. Morris

Employment Services